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Diminish Cellulite Dimples for Silky Smooth Skin


Achieve Lasting Cellulite Reduction for a Smoother, Alluring Silhouette

About the treatment

Appearance of cellulite

Reduces the appearance of cellulite

Little to no downtime

Minimally invasive with little to no downtime

Contours the body

Mildly contours the body in treated areas

FDA approved


Skin smoothness

Improves skin smoothness

Long lasting results

Results are immediate and long-lasting

Cellulite affects all body shapes and sizes regardless of diets and excercise efforts. The dimpled appearance is caused by fibrous connective tissue, which tether the dermis to underlying fascia. 

Various cellulite treatments exist, from injectables and radio-frequency to laser and massage therapies. However, each of these methods often addresses cellulite in a specific manner, potentially limiting their overall effectiveness.

Khrom Aesthetics provides a comprehensive approach to cellulite treatment. In your initial complimentary consultation, we’ll assess your skin and craft a personalized treatment plan. This could include a mix of procedures like Aveli, VelaShape, Radiesse, and Sculptra injections, all aimed at reducing cellulite and refining your body’s contours.

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 Let's Dive Into Details

You won’t need to schedule time off for recovery. Many patients resume their regular activities on the same day, while most return to normal routines within 24-48 hours. However, it’s common to experience mild swelling, bruising, and tenderness during the initial days post-procedure.

Most patients experience mild pain within the first 24 hours, accompanied by bruising and tenderness to the touch. These symptoms typically subside within 30 days. Additionally, some patients may notice small areas of firmness; while these are generally neither visible nor painful, they usually resolve within a few months.

Results typically become visible after any swelling and bruising have subsided. By one month post-procedure, you should begin to notice the effects of the treatment.

It’s advisable to refrain from strenuous activities or workouts for the initial days or weeks following the procedure to ensure optimal healing. We will provide detailed post-procedure guidelines and recommendations for your care.

The results are expected to be permanent.

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