Get a Glowing Skin with Light & Glow™ Treatment

Our Light & Glow™ treatment uses Nordlys IPL & Frax 1940 technologies to address early signs of aging, broken capillaries, redness, pigmentation concerns as well as the skin texture.

This gentle treatment can be used on the face, chest, neck, hands, and arms.

By Dr. Tatiana Khrom

Say Goodbye to Early Signs of Aging

Are you worried about early signs of aging?

Our Light & Glow™ treatment can help! Using non-ablative gentle resurfacing, we can address fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging.

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Treat Broken Capillaries and Pigmentation Concerns

Broken capillaries and pigmentation concerns can be frustrating, but our Light & Glow™ treatment can help.

We can treat these concerns and leave you with smoother, more even-toned skin. Book your appointment today!

Minimal Downtime, Maximum Results

With our Light & Glow™ treatment, you can expect minimal to medium downtime and maximum results.

Redness and swelling may occur for 2-3 days, followed by gentle skin regeneration that lasts several days. But the result is worth it - a more confident, glowing you!

Get ready to love the overall improvement in the tone and texture of your skin!

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We are excited to accompany you on your path to a more confident you!