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Meet Integrative & Functional Medicine Specialist

Yuliya Litvak, RPA-C
Yuliya Litvak, PAC

Yuliya Litvak, MPAS, RPA-C

Yuliya’s career in medicine started in the emergency room in Brooklyn, New York, in 2008. A young and confident Physician Assistant, she felt a strong calling: she was there to help and heal! In her endeavor to heal, Yuliya slowly started to see that the medical profession as a whole was deeply broken and her education lacked an essential element: an understanding of WELLNESS.

The allopathic medical system focuses on illness, treatment of disease, and management of symptoms. In this process, the patient is rarely heard and the root causes of many symptoms are missed. Yuliya first realized this problem with her own illness as multiple doctor visits and her own education failed to restore her health even as a young 22-year-old.

After several years of struggle, Yuliya finally decided to step away from her formal practice and start learning outside of traditional medical books. Immersing herself in nutrition, naturopathic and herbal education, she discovered the art of root cause medicine and whole-body care, or holistic medicine.

Currently, Yuliya is a certified Master Herbalist and wellness coach. She also continues her emergency medicine practice and maintains her Physician Assistant certification. It has become her ultimate passion and joy to help people discover how to listen to their own bodies and find the underlying causes of their symptomatology through counseling and functional testing. With this information, Yuliya is able to utilize natural practices and botanicals to guide patients back to homeostasis and a life of wellness instead of illness.

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