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Microbiome and GI Map Testing

GI-Map® Test and Microbiome Brooklyn NY

Get a good picture of your digestive health with the GI-MAP test

As part of our integrative medicine services, we offer a variety of testing to help diagnose several common conditions. Patients in Brooklyn, New York, and beyond who are dealing with gut and chronic issues may find that a thorough assessment using the GI-MAP test and microbiome therapy will provide them with more comfort and a balanced, healthy digestive system. This type of test often provides answers that patients may have been seeking through traditional means such as through their general practitioner. With the GI-MAP test, patients get a good idea of their gut health and overall health status. The GI-MAP provided information that can be utilized to treat digestive issues as well as chronic illness by addressing the root cause. GI health has been linked to skin health, mental health, immune health and so much more! In some instances, it can find parasites that our patients didn’t even know they had!

To learn more about this test, read the frequently asked questions below or call the office today at 718-521-2912 to request an appointment.

Frequently asked questions

The GI-MAP test, which stands for “Gastrointestinal Microbial Assay Plus,” is a specialized test used to determine the microbes present in a patient’s stool samples, including the quantities. It can be used to find bacteria such as the H. Pylori and parasitic organisms that many patients are unaware they have. In fact, it has been determined that approximately one out of every four American adults has this parasite present. It also assesses the general microbiome and intestinal health of the patient body.
Gastrointestinal Microbial Assay Plus: A specialized at-home collection stool test that takes a look inside one of the body’s most important organs: the colon. This quantitative analysis looks at the microbes that inhabit our system. It looks not only for infections like H.Pylori and parasites (that so many conventional tests miss) but also allows us to see how healthy “normal” or “good” microbes are and gives an in-depth look at the overall intestinal and immune system.
The GI-MAP test can help patients understand their digestive tract and gut biome. It can diagnose specific illnesses and give an idea of a patient’s overall health and wellness.
Everyone can benefit from a GI-MAP stool test, but it is most beneficial to patients with digestive, immune, or skin issues.
Our integrative medicine team will educate patients on the best times to take the GI-MAP test and when they may want to have it redone. In most cases, they will recommend retesting after microbiome therapy has begun to see if there are positive changes in the digestive system.

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