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Laser Hair Removal Specialist

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Laser hair removal is a specialty at KHROM MEDSPA & WELLNESS in Cobble Hill, New York. Our FDA-cleared laser hair treatments are a safe and effective way to permanently reduce hair anywhere on the body. The KHROM MEDSPA & WELLNESS utilizes the best laser technologies to provide a customized hair removal strategy for every patient.

Laser Hair Removal Q & A

The KHROM MEDSPA & WELLNESS’s advanced lasers work on all skin types thanks to technology that adjusts to each patient’s skin tone. Five distinct laser technologies are utilized to customize treatment to each patient and body area. Laser hair removal works best on dark hair; it will not effectively remove blonde, red, or gray hair. Laser hair removal cannot be performed on individuals who have been treated with Accutane within the past 12 months.

Laser hair removal is used on many areas of the face and body, even the scalp. It can remove hair for those who may already be showing thinning or are balding and want to address the hair permanently to eliminate the need to shave or wax regularly to keep the head hair-free.

It is vital that patients understand that the process does not happen in a single visit, and patients need to visit the office regularly for treatments until complete hair removal is achieved. This may take several treatments to address all the hair in its active growth phase and cycle.

Patients looking to have this done will need to avoid waxing the hair to allow the hair follicles to be treatable with the laser device. During a consultation appointment with our team, we can evaluate your scalp and determine if laser hair removal will meet your needs and expectations.

During treatment, the technician will apply the laser to shaved skin in the areas where hair reduction is desired. Most patients report a stinging sensation similar to being snapped with a rubber band. A numbing gel may be applied to help alleviate discomfort in sensitive areas. Minor redness and swelling of the treated area are common immediately following the procedure, but should dissipate within 24 hours.

Hair may appear to grow quickly in the treated area in the days following the treatment; this is actually the skin expelling the dead hair follicles. Gentle exfoliation can help loosen and remove these hairs. Hair in the treated areas will continue to fall out for up to two weeks. New growth will be thinner and less prone to ingrown hairs.

Typically six–eight laser sessions are required to permanently remove hair from an area. Sessions should be scheduled four–six weeks apart for best results. For some patients, minor hair regrowth may occur following successful treatment due to factors such as hormonal imbalance or medical condition. The KHROM MEDSPA & WELLNESS offers packages that include maintenance sessions to keep skin smooth and hair free for the long-term.

Before and between laser hair removal sessions, plucking and other depilatory hair removal methods should not be used. Shaving is allowed. Hair removal cannot be performed on a recently tanned skin, so tanning or the use of artificial tanning products should be avoided during the two weeks prior to treatment.

Laser Hair Removal Brooklyn

Laser Hair Removal Brooklyn
Hi my name is doctor Tatiana Khrom. I'm a board-certified dermatologist and medical director of the KHROM MEDSPA & WELLNESS. Today I wanted to share my excitement about the best-in-class laser hair removal device that we use here....

Hi my name is doctor Tatiana Khrom. I’m a board-certified dermatologist and medical director of the KHROM MEDSPA & WELLNESS. Today I wanted to share my excitement about the best-in-class laser hair removal device that we use here at KHROM MEDSPA & WELLNESS. The gentle max pro by candela. There are three main reasons why I absolutely love this device for my patients. One, the device is safe and effective for all skin types. That means that any skin colour and any type of hair besides completely blonde hair can be treated safely and effectively by the gentle max pro. The second reason why I absolutely love the gentle max pro is the cryogenic cooling patented by candela. The cryogenic cooling is used to protect the epidermis, which is the uppermost layer of the skin, and this makes the treatments extremely safe and very comfortable for my patients. Three, the third reason I absolutely love the gentle max pro is its versatility. In addition to safely and effectively removing unwanted hair on any skin type we can also use this device for rejuvenation of skin removal of unwanted pigment and treatment of redness. I am proud to say that at A&B, by Khrom aesthetics all our laser technicians have years of experience and all of them love working on the gentle max pro. Why? Well, they’ll tell you themselves. The final reason why I’m excited to work with the gentle max pro is that I have total confidence in the company who made it. Candela has been an invaluable laser company to work with. Its clinical managers, its trainers and the reps have been amazing. I am so confident in the efficacy and safety of the gentle max pro that I’m not only the owner of the device, but I’m also a client. I’m about to get my treatment started come on. 

KHROM MEDSPA & WELLNESS helps patients preserve and regain their natural beauty
Dr. Tatiana Khrom, a board-certified dermatologist, offers a comprehensive range of cosmetic and surgical dermatological services. With a dual major in biochemistry and philosophy from NYU, she graduated Summa Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa. Her journey continued with SUNY Downstate School of Medicine, where she excelled, earning membership in Alpha Omega Alpha.

Dr. Khrom completed rigorous training, including a dermatology residency and a prestigious fellowship in procedural dermatology, specializing in Mohs surgery and advanced laser techniques. As an Allergan trainer, she imparts her knowledge nationally. Recently, she became a GAIN trainer for Galderma and has been recognized as an Elite Practitioner by Merz Aesthetics. Patients trust her sterling reputation, enhanced by her contributions to medical literature and national presentations.

Laser hair removal is a specialty at KHROM MEDSPA & WELLNESS.

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