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Learn More About the Light and Bright Laser Treatment by Candela Medical

Learn More About Light and Bright Laser Near Me In Brooklyn, NY

At the KHROM MEDSPA & WELLNESS, Dr. Tatiana Khrom, our board-certified dermatologist, and her team of professionals work alongside patients to help them look and feel their best with medical and cosmetic treatments. Our board-certified dermatologist is committed to ensuring patients have bright, beautiful, and healthy skin. Individuals considering their light and laser-based skin resurfacing treatments will want to coordinate with a professional with training and experience in providing these services with the most advanced modalities on the market today. Our Brooklyn, New York team is excited to offer the Candela Medical Light and Bright IPL and laser treatment to rejuvenate skin and improve its appearance and health.

What is the Light and Bright Treatment?

Dr. Tatiana Khrom describes the Light and Bright treatment from Candela Medical as one of the newest aesthetic advancements in dermatology that can provide fractional skin resurfacing while removing dark spots, improving texture and tone, and reducing facial redness. This is achieved by combining two popular skincare technologies, IPL (intense pulsed light) and laser light, to penetrate deep and improve the skin from the inside out.

How Does the Light and Bright Treatment Work?

By combining both Ellipse IPL technology and our Frax 1550 technology, patients can enjoy the complete rejuvenation of the skin. The intensive pulsed light uses small yet controlled bursts of light that address excess melanin (pigmentation) and unsightly blood vessels in the skin. Doing this can reduce the appearance of sun damage, redness, freckles, and other pigmented concerns. IPL works alongside the fractionated “Frax 1550” laser, which resurfaces the skin to reduce irregularities in texture and tone. By combining these two technologies, patients will benefit from more dramatic results after a single treatment. However, several treatments may be recommended depending on the severity of imperfections patients are looking to treat.

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Does the Light and Bright Treatment Work?

By combining IPL and Frax, Candela Medical has yet again created a superior product in the market of aesthetics and dermatology. In clinical studies, 100% of patients who underwent the Light and Bright treatment in trials reported lightening in pigmentation of the skin and a reduction in the appearance of vascular lesions.

Where Can the Light and Bright Treatment Be Performed?

Any skin on the body that needs improvement may be treated with the Light and Bright skin resurfacing treatment. However, it is most often performed on the face, neck, and chest to lighten pigmentation, reduce redness, and improve textural irregularities in the skin.

How Do I Learn More About the Light and Bright Treatment?

If you are considering state-of-the-art skin resurfacing treatments using today’s fantastic laser technology, now is the time to book an appointment with our team of professionals to discuss your options. Call KHROM MEDSPA & WELLNESS Team at 718-521-2912 to request a consultation visit and initial evaluation. We are open to new patients who visit our practice at 239 Court Street in Brooklyn, New York, and are excited to meet you!

KHROM MEDSPA & WELLNESS helps patients preserve and regain their natural beauty

KHROM MEDSPA & WELLNESS helps patients preserve and regain their natural beauty thorough advanced technology and expert quality treatments.

The team is led by board-certified Dermatologist Dr. Tatiana Khrom who has years of expertise in cosmetic and surgical dermatology. The team consists of qualified medical professionals in the field and expert admin staff to guide patients throughout the process. Connect with Dr. Tatiana Khrom on Linkedin

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